Traveler’s Guide to the Holi Festival in Jaipur Book your accommodations on

Traveler's Guide to the Holi Festival in Jaipur Book your accommodations on

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, is one of India’s most brilliant and cheerful holidays. Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital, is an ideal spot to celebrate Holi in all of its brilliant beauty. Jaipur provides a one-of-a-kind and spectacular Holi experience, with colorful street parties and cultural customs. To make the most of your visit, book your accommodations via to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay.

History and Overview of Holi.
Holi commemorates the onset of spring and the triumph of good over evil. It is based on Hindu mythology, specifically the legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakashipu. Holi is celebrated with a flash of colors, music, dance, and celebratory cuisine, generating a sense of oneness and joy. Holi is celebrated in Jaipur with a regal flair, combining traditional rites with modern activities.

Key Dates and Schedule
Holi is traditionally celebrated over two days in March, with particular dates shifting annually based on the lunar calendar:

Day 1 (Holika Dahan): The evening before Holi, characterized by bonfires signifying the extinguishing of evil spirits.
Day 2 (Rangwali Holi): The primary day of festivities, which includes colored powder flinging, water fights, and street celebrations.

Must-See Attractions During Holi in Jaipur, the royal family often holds a huge party at City Palace, featuring traditional music, dancing performances, and a magnificent buffet of local cuisine.

Jaigarh Fort is known for its lively Holi celebrations featuring traditional Rajasthani music and dancing.
Amer Fort: Join in the Holi celebrations against the gorgeous backdrop of this medieval fort.
Johari Bazaar: Enjoy the joyful ambiance of the local bazaar while shopping for traditional Holi colors and snacks.
Govind Dev Ji Temple: Join the community in celebrating Holi with religious songs and dances.

Tips for First-time Attendees
What to wear? Choose comfortable, white or light-colored clothes that you don’t mind being stained. Avoid wearing anything pricey.
Safety Tips: To safeguard your skin and eyes, use natural, non-toxic colors. Apply oil or moisturizer to your skin and hair to make it simpler to remove the colors.
Festive Etiquette: Respect local norms and obtain permission before applying colors to others. Participate with an open heart and enjoy the company.

Exploring Jaipur Beyond Holi
Hawa Mahal: The famed “Palace of Winds” is a must-see for its breathtaking architecture and rich history.
Jantar Mantar: An astronomical observatory with outstanding architecture from the 18th century.
Nahargarh Fort provides panoramic views of Jaipur and is an excellent place to watch the sunset.
The Albert Hall Museum’s enormous collection of antiquities allows visitors to learn about Rajasthan’s rich cultural legacy.
Jal Mahal: The “Water Palace” is a gorgeous structure nestled in the heart of Man Sagar Lake.

Booking Your Accommodation with
Finding the ideal spot to stay is essential for a memorable Holi celebration in Jaipur. provides a diverse selection of lodgings to suit all budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel in the city center, a boutique heritage hotel, or a low-cost guesthouse, has you covered. Booking early is essential to ensure the best rates and locations, as Jaipur becomes quite busy during the festival.

Transport and Getting Around
Getting to Jaipur: Jaipur International Airport serves the city and offers several local and international flights. Jaipur is very well connected by train and bus to major Indian towns.
Getting To Holi Events: Local transportation choices include auto-rickshaws, taxis, and rental automobiles. Many hotels provide shuttle services to important attractions.
Navigating the City: Jaipur is a walking city, but use a city map or app to navigate the congested streets, especially during the festival.

Packing List For Holi in Jaipur
Comfortable walking shoes, light-colored clothing, and a light rain jacket are all essential.
Festival Essentials: A compact bag for personal belongings, a reusable water bottle, a portable phone charger, and color-blocking sunglasses.
Extras include a camera to document the celebrations, sunscreen for daytime activities, and cash for purchases.

Holi in Jaipur is a vivid and unique experience that combines color, culture, and joy. Planning ahead of time and booking your accommodations through will ensure a seamless and comfortable stay. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Holi, make memorable memories, and celebrate the spirit of India in the royal city of Jaipur.

Call to Action.
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