Cycling in Goa

Pedal Through Paradise: Exploring Cycling in Goa

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Cycling in Goa can turn out to be daunting if not done right. Think of it, lush green fauna, gleaming sands, fresh waters and your cycle. Aha! If that sounds more like you, yay, you’re in the right place. Do you find yourself gravitating towards low-key places that are meant to be explored, escaping the racing crowds of bustling city lives? How about a cycling ride in the first flush of the morning with just you, your backpack and your cycle? We are here to make sure you make the best of your trip, from exploring the cycling routes in Goa to booking cycle rentals in Goa to venture out and explore.

What Makes Cycling in Goa Special?

Cycling in Goa
Photo by Karthik Garikapati on Unsplash

Although Goa is one of the smallest states in India, it is a thriving tourist attraction due to its cultural legacy, friendly people and exotic beaches. A pretty perfect way to satisfy both the tourist and the cyclist in you is by cycling in Goa. Cycling is an adventurous sport that brings in an adrenaline rush as well as serenity in us, unlike any other. Roads in Goa are primarily rural, with an extensive network of quiet, scenic roads that link serene villages. 

Goa has the right mix of happening nightlife, natural beauty and tropical environment. And the best way to get the best out of both worlds is by combining cycling and Goa. Whether you plan for a family trip or weekend getaways or parties, or your solo adventure, Goa has everything in the store. The terrain varies for all fitness levels: flat west coastline, rolling agricultural paddies in the centre, and mountain foothills to the east.

Goa Cycling Itinerary

Goa Cycling Itinerary
Photo by hilal kh on Unsplash

To me, travelling is less about the place itself and more about finding how you fit into the bigger picture of figuring out yourself, exploring the different cuisines, talking with people from various parts of the world, revelling in the local cultures and of course treating you with some good memories. Goa lets you do just that, and if not more. 

Cycling is one of the best adventure sports in Goa that lets you discover an untapped side of this beautiful state and a unique experience. Finally, it’s time to explore Goa on your wheels. Are you as excited as I’m? Let’s start it on that note, folks! Here are some of the short cycling routes that you could explore as well as pace out.

1. Moira – Aldona – Nachinola

Duration: 0:09 hrs

Distance: 2 Km

Avg. Speed: 12.7 kmph

Max Elevation: 40 m

2. Arpora – Nerul – Candolim

Duration: 0:20 hrs

 Distance: 13 km

Avg. Speed: 39.7 kmph

Max Elevation: 27 m

3. Vasco Da Gama – Dabolim – Chicalim

Duration 0:06 hrs

Distance: 7 Km

Avg. Speed: 16.0 kmph

Max. Elevation: 84 m

North Goa Cycling Tour

North Goa Cycling Tour
Photo by Laliteshwar Suman on Unsplash

Cycling in North Goa is a perfect place to travel if you love parties and take a look at some old Goa structures like the Basilica De Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral. Yes, it is a bit crowded, but hands down, the winner on the parting side and heritage beauty. 

Day 1: Sangolda – Candolim (8.5 km)

Start your day by renting a cycle in Sangolda, a village in the Bardez sub-district, North Goa. Have breakfast and start your journey to Candolim Beach. Candolim is one of Goa’s most serene beaches north of the Mandovi River. Visit the Church of Lady of our Hope, The Cabo Palace and Coco Beach. Stay in the Novotel Hotel to continue for the next day. 

Day 2: Candolim – Calangute – Arpora (6 km)

Start from Candolim and reach Calangute. Calangute is a more happening place with adventurous activities like paragliding, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkelling and dolphin watching. And then cycle your way to Arpora for a beach view. As the day ends, check in to Rainforest Enclave Hotel and rest for the day

Day 3: Arpora – Anjuna – Chapora (9 km)

Start from Arpora to head your way to Anjuna Beach. Get your body drenched in playing the Anjuna beach water sports and head over to the beautiful “Hill View of Vagator and Anjuna”. Finally, move to Chapora. Visit the beauty of Chapora Fort and the beach. Stay at Celebrations Hotel in Vagator, Goa.

Day 4: Chapora – Vagator – Mapusa (9 km)

From Chapora fort head onto Vagator. You cannot miss watching the hill view of Vagator Beach. In Mapusa, visit the local religious places like St. Jerome Church and Shri Ganesh Mandir. Have a night’s stay in this beautiful Treebo Trend Green Park Hotel in Mapusa.

Day 5: Mapusa – Chorao island (20 km)

On your final day, visit the scenic beauty of Chorao Island. It is famous for its amazing flora and fauna, sun-bathed beaches and mangroves. 

South Goa Cycling Tour

South Goa Cycling Tour
Image by Anup Panthi from Pixabay

First things first, if you are on a cycling trip to find that lost soul in yourself or to decouple from the mind-numbing city life, South Goa is the go-to place for you. Get yourself ready for scenic beauty and adventurous landscapes to cycle on. Cycling in South Goa is a really fun and adventurous experience irrespective of how and what time of the year you do it (except for the monsoon season sometimes, yeah).

Day 1: Mormugao – Vasco da Gama – Cansaulim (9 km)

Start your day in Vasco da Gama. Visit the beautiful Japanese Garden, Bogmalo Beach, Velsao Beach and St Andrew’s Church. Reach Sancoale and watch the Ruins of Nossa Senhora de Saude, Our Lady of Health Church. Rest for the night at La-Paz Gardens Hotel.

Day 2: Cansaulim – Colva (10 km)

Cansaulim is a chilled-out place to hang out and have delicious food on the lazing sun loungers. The best part of reaching Colva beach is the white sand, water sports, sunset view, and the roadside trinkets shop. Have a night’s stay at Beleza By The Beach Hotel.

Day 3: Colva – Cavelossim (9 km)

As soon as you reach Cavelossim, go for a walk, spot the dolphins and enjoy eating authentic Goan seafood. Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort is a fantastic stay place too.

Day 4: Cavelossim – Canacona  (30 km)

As you reach Canacona, some of the best things to do are to visit Palolem Beach, Palolem island reserve, Cola Beach and Cabo de Rama Fort. As the day comes to an end, stay at Anand Yoga Village Hotel for a refreshing night after a long ride.

Day 5: Canacona – Khotigao (27 km)

On your final day in Goa, start early from Canacona and reach Khotigao. Cotigoa wildlife sanctuary is a calm and peaceful place, and it is no less than a paradise with dense trees and pretty canopies. Pack your bags with a treasure of memories.

Cycling Routes in North Goa

Cycling Routes in North Goa

1. Saligao – Dongarpur – Nagoa

Duration: 21:08 hrs

Distance: 11 km

Avg. Speed: 0.5 kmph

Max. Elevation: 106 m

2. Guirim – Uncassaim – Nachinola – Corjuem

Duration: 1:00 hrs

Distance: 11 km

Avg. Speed: 12.3 kmph

Max. Elevation: 90 m

Cycling Routes in South Goa

Cycling Routes in South Goa

1. Chicalim – Cortalim – Quelossim

Duration: 0:40 hrs

Distance: 11 km 

Avg. Speed: 16.0 kmph

Max. Elevation: 84 m

2. Marmugao – Vasco da Gama

Duration: 2:58 hrs

Distance: 47 km

Avg. Speed: 16.0 kmph

Max. Elevation: 84 m

Book Cycling Tours

Book Cycling Tours

Explore the serene and natural side of Goa with cycling tours. In addition to its stunning beaches, Goa is also home to lush forests and picturesque tree-lined roads. Embark on a cycling adventure, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature as you pedal along with the sea on one side and dense forests on the other.

Take breaks along the way to savour fresh coconut water and create unforgettable memories of this blissful experience. As you pedal along, you become more attentive to the details of the environment, noticing things that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

1. Island Safari

Island Safari

Pickup Point: Amboi Ferry Terminal, Road to Divar (North) Ferry Terminal, Malar, Goa

Duration: 3 hours

Start time: 8 am & 3 pm every day

Activities: Cycling in the untouched backwaters behind the biggest islands of Goa.

Description: Divar Island is a perfect mix of marshy waters, Portuguese-style homes, and quiet and timid roads. It is a part of the old Goa and has not changed much since the 16th century. Experience the scenic beauty of old Goa

2. Chorao Island

Chorao Island

Pickup Point: Britona, Goa

Duration: 4 hours

Start time: 7 am

Activities: Cycling after briefly introducing safety instructions, bike gears and an overview of the tour ahead.

Description: A ferry ride to the offbeat Chorao Island along the Mandovi River, about 3km from Panjim. Watch a glance at the mangrove forest that occupies Chorao Island, which is part of the Salim Ali bird sanctuary.

3. Village Vistas of Cansaulim

Village Vistas of Cansaulim

Pickup Point: Heritage Village Club, Cansaulim, Goa

Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

Start time: 9 am and 3:30 pm every day

Activities: Cycling in the unexplored territory of Cansaulim.

Description: Cansaulim Beach gives us calm as well as a thrill as we venture out. Enjoy the views of St. Thomas Church and visit King Chapel past the Velsao Lake and Velsao-Dando bridge.

4. Reimagining Candolim

Reimagining Candolim

Pickup Point: Taj Holiday Village, Candolim, Goa

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Start time: 9 am and 3 pm every day

Activities: Cycling in the untouched backwaters behind the biggest islands of Goa.

Description: Explore the natural scenery, ancient history and stunning architecture. Catch Goa’s bird’s eye view and revel in its tranquil side.

5. Countryside Escape to Varca

Countryside Escape to Varca

Pickup Point: Club Mahindra Emerald Palms, Salcete, South Goa

Duration: 2 hours

Start time: 8 am and 3:30 pm every day

Activities: A beautiful ride to witness the exquisite views of the South Goan countryside and glimpse the stunning paddy fields.

Description: As you cycle through the lush paddy fields, you’ll discover the fascinating world of areca nut and betel nut plantations. Take a moment to soak in the rich Catholic heritage of Goa as you visit a 450-year-old church, one of the oldest in the region. Continuing on your journey, you’ll reach the picturesque Orlim Bridge, where you can observe the local fishing activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to cycle in Goa?

Well, it matters what you consider to be “safe”. It is safe for you to travel with necessary precautions, be it cycling or any other trip. Drivers are relatively aware of people on bicycles, and left-hand traffic is not intimidating. Traffic disappears as you leave the larger cities. Women cyclists are a pretty common thing in Goa.

Where to rent cycles in Goa?

Cycling rentals in Goa are not really a big hassle. If you happen to stay in a hostel, resort or camp, they usually have contacts of people renting out cycles. If not, you will always have social brands like Thrillophilia, CyclingZens, Blive or the touring agency you book with (providing the itinerary and cycles themselves).

Which place is best for cycling in Goa?

These places are best for cycling in Goa:
1. Chorao Island – A ferry ride to the offbeat Chorao Island along the Mandovi River.
2. Cavelossim – Cavelossim is a beautiful piece of land located in South Goa to do Cycling. 
3. Panjim – The main spots of attraction include the colourful houses in the historic neighbourhood.
4. Aldona – A small cable bridge connecting Aldona to Corjuem across Mapusa is an amazing spectacle.

Which are the best cycling routes in Goa?

Gear up for the undeniably adventurous yet beautiful city of Goa. These are some of the amazing cycling routes in Goa if you are a cyclist (or maybe not).
1. Marmugao – Vasco da gama
2. Saligao – Dongarpur – Nagoa
3. Chicalim – Cortalim – Quelossim
4. Guirim – Uncassaim – Nachinola – Corjuem

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