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Discovering Goa’s Secrets: 15 Best Hidden Places in Goa

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Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Colva, Panjim! What’s next? These popular destinations are often on the itinerary when planning a trip to Goa. However, there are glorious hidden places in Goa that remain unexplored, unspoiled, and blessed with coastal beauty! To truly uncover the treasures of Goa, consider utilizing a reliable taxi service in Goa.

By opting for a taxi service in Goa, you can easily navigate the lesser-known gems, rich biodiversity, and historically significant locations that hold an equal opportunity to fascinate you and create wonderful, everlasting memories. Remember that these places are unique, and it’s a blessing that you know about them now. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get on a hunt for some of the most pristine hidden places in Goa. 

Best Hidden Places in Goa (Unexplored Places in Goa)

1. Mist Waterfall

Mist Waterfall

Mist Waterfall is a nature preserve in Verna, Goa. It’s like a ray of hope amidst a deserted jungle, making it the perfect place to hang out with friends. The best time to visit this beauty is during the monsoon season to appreciate the gushing waters. You need to trek on muddy paths to reach the falls, but the best part is that you’ll be able to hear the sounds of running water as soon as you reach the nearby road. You can follow the sounds to set foot on an unexplored path. 

Notable Attraction: Less crowded and perfect for friends wishing to trek and have some fun in the waters!

How To Reach Here: You need to trek from the Verna Loutolim Road for around 100 to 200 metres to reach the waterfall. Follow the directions specified on Google Maps till then. 

Location: Verna Loutolim Rd, Verna, Goa.

2. Twin Waterfall

Twin Waterfall

This serene gem got its name because the waters at the bottom of the cliff split into two paths. You can hardly resist diving in and having an exciting time sliding from the rocks into the cold waters. Whilst travelling to the fall, you’ll get a chance to see colourful butterflies and wild monkeys. Please keep your food and belongings away from these monkeys and avoid eye contact with them. A humble suggestion!

Notable Attraction: The adventurous trek you ought to embark on lets you embrace flora and fauna, making the trip worth it.

How To Reach Here: From the capital city of Goa, Panjim, it will take you 60.7 km to reach Darbandora – Sancordem – Mollem – Collem Road via NH748.

Location: Shirshirem, Borim, Goa.

3. Devil’s Canyon

Devil’s Canyon

Goa’s Devil’s Canyon is also known as Devcharacho Kond in Konkani (Goa’s local language) and is a quaint river gorge cutting into the solid rock. Locals have enough geographical and scientific explanations about the canyon, and it is believed that catching fish in the canyon is cursed. 

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it is strictly prohibited to swim in these troublesome waters. However, Devil’s Canyon is mysteriously charming and one of the best hidden places in Goa to unravel. 

Notable Attraction: According to the locals, the canyon water is a mixture of natural water and sweetened milk. That’s worth discovering! 

How To Reach Here: You can either take the 10 km long route through the Mollem National Park or the venturesome 3 km long route from the Kulem railway station. 

Location: Caranzol, Goa.

4. Mollem Biodiversity Park

Mollem Biodiversity Park

The new Mollem Biodiversity Park is spread over 38 hectares in forest areas with an aim to conserve the rich biodiversity of Goa and promote hinterland tourism. Let’s get started with the fresh, cool breeze and sweet waters around! The place is perfect for nature enthusiasts, with a myriad of butterflies and birds everywhere. 

Visiting this hidden treasure is a whole new experience and truly brightens the copious flora and fauna of the state. From time to time, you’ll find boards explaining the usefulness of the targeted species to educate the tourists. Indeed, a thoughtful visit. 

Notable Attraction: You get to enjoy and experience the hottest biodiversity paradise at minimal rates, taking you back and closer to nature. 

How To Reach Here: You can book a private car at Panjim, which is about 70 km from the park. The Amaravati Express, Mail Express, Goa Express, and Poorna Express are the trains that stop at the Collem railway station, from where you can take a car to this destination, 6 km away. 

Location: Molem VP, Goa.

5. Tortoise Rock

Tortoise Rock (Hidden Places in Goa)

Tortoise Rock is nature’s marvellous gift to Goa in the shape of a turtle, right in the middle of the sea. You can’t really visit this place as it is one of those hidden places in Goa that are meant to remain pristine for eternity. 

The turtle-shaped rock is a viewpoint that gives an illusion of a turtle whilst visiting Honeymoon Beach and Butterfly Beach. From Palolem Beach, your relishing ferry ride would also cross another hidden gem: Monkey Island. Ensure to make the most of this trip!

Notable Attraction: This giant rock, among other rocks, stands out precisely in the shape of a turtle, increasing your admiration for nature. 

How To Reach Here: A boat trip along the coast towards Agonda from Palolem Beach will set you off to Tortoise Rock and then both Honeymoon Beach and Butterfly Beach. 

Located In: Honeymoon Beach, Goa.


6. Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach (Hidden Places in Goa)

Butterfly Beach is one of the most-loved unexplored places in South Goa for its aura of bliss and peace attached to it. The semi-circular-shaped beach is named so because it is the abode of numerous species of butterflies that fly over the hilltop. But it’s not just limited to butterflies. You’ll also find goldfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, crabs and even redfish at Butterfly Beach. 

The beach is one of the less-known hidden places in Goa for its breathtaking sunsets. But you can do various activities such as canoe riding, trekking, rock climbing, and sunbathing here. 

Notable Attraction: Butterfly Beach is renowned for its dolphin sightings as the dolphins rejoice in their water stay near the beach’s shores.

How To Reach Here: Take a short yet adventurous trek from Palolem Beach or rent a boat from either Agonda Beach or Palolem Beach. Luxurious yachts are also available. 

Location: Is situated to the north of Palolem Beach, Goa.

7. Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach

What Calangute is to Baga, Ozran is to Vagator

This fascinating Ozran Beach is an extension of the famous Vagator Beach. As a result, you’ll find a considerable number of tourists here, either being fascinated by the perfect view of the coastline or biking the rocky terrain of the beach. 

Unlike other unexplored places in North Goa, the nightlife at Ozran is exhilarating, with pubs, bars, and shacks laid out. The rock-strewn beach is surrounded by beautiful palm trees that serve as an ideal picnic spot for family trips and tourists alike. Do try the food from nearby restaurants; that’s a bonus.

Notable Attraction: Watersports in Ozran Beach, including banana boat rides, ride on water scooters, swimming, and fishing, is extremely popular. 

How To Reach Here: Take a cab from Panjim to Mapusa, which is connected to Vagator Beach. You’ll find Ozran Beach to be a part of Vagator Beach. 

Location: Vagator, Goa.

8. Trinity Beach

Trinity Beach
Joseph Assis Fernandes, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Trinity Beach is also known as Mini Benaulim or Vaddi Beach. It is one of the cleanest and clearest beaches you’ll find in Goa as a result of being secluded from tourists. The reason behind the beach being unnoticed to date is the Benaulim Beach nearby, but you’ll always find locals here who visit the beach for a peaceful evening walk. 

Trinity Beach is famous for its bustling fishing activity. You can certainly try your hands at fishing here in clear waters! This beach is fringed with palm trees and has white golden sands.

Notable Attraction: Less crowded yet serene beach with clean surroundings. 

How To Reach Here: The Goa International Airport is just 31 km away from Benaulim Beach. You can hire a taxi to Benaulim Beach and then visit Trinity Beach.

Location: Benaulim, Goa.

9. Arvalem Caves

Arvalem Caves (Hidden Places in Goa)
Kavya Rastogi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Arvalem Caves lets you admire the true history of Goa that dates back centuries ago, even before the invasion by the Portuguese. These rock-cut Arvalem Caves were believed to be carved in the 16th century and are either of Brahmin origin or Buddhist origin. Legend also states that these caves were actually sculpted by travelling Buddhist monks from a single laterite rock. 

Another legend says that the five Pandava brothers in Mahabharatha – Arjun, Sahadev, Yuddhistir, Nakul and Bhim – once inhabited the five chambers of the caves during their exile. It’s a great place to endure the hidden simple and rustic architecture. 

Notable Attraction: The walls and ceilings of the Arvalem Caves are devoid of any cave paintings, which makes them unique as compared to other heritage sites alike. 

How To Reach Here: You can take a cab or rent a bike at the Kadamba Bus Terminus. It takes around 29 km to reach the caves. You can also travel from the Vasco Railway Station, which would take you 46 km. 

Location: Rudreshwar Colony, Sanquelim, Goa.

10. Sinquerim Fort

Sinquerim Fort (Hidden Places in Goa)

Sinquerim Fort is famous for the picturesque views of the ocean and the setting sun overlooking Sinquerim Beach. This is one of those unexplored places in Goa which has a great history. Apparently, the fort was built to guard Goa against the Marathas and the Dutch!

The Taj Holliday Village Resort lies on the right side of the fort, and one can also see the Candolim beach in the distance. The Sinquerim beach lies in between the resort and the lower fort. It is indeed one of the best hidden places in Goa to sit and relax.

Notable Attraction: The sunset seen from the fragmenting ramparts of the Sinquerim Fort is mesmerising. 

How To Reach Here: You can either travel by bus from Mapusa or rent a cab to reach here. 

Location: Candolim, Goa.


11. Betul Lighthouse 

Betul Lighthouse
Pranay.rocking, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Betul Lighthouse in Quitol is built on a hill and stands chivalrously in red and white, just like a scout. This hidden gem is surrounded by the coast on one side and the pastures of tall grass on the other. 

This coastal landmark in South Goa invites you to some fascinating sunset views, the surrounding areas, and the Quepem neighbourhood and also provides you with a bird’s eye view of the coast. You can also visit the Betul beach, Betul fort and port to make the most out of your trip! 

Notable Attraction: Betul sunset point is one of the most popular and picture-perfect points to enjoy from this lighthouse. 

How To Reach Here: Park your vehicle at the Chapel entrance and walk through the muddy path following the small patch of the tar road. After walking for about 50 metres, look to the right, and the Betul Lighthouse would be visible. 

Location: Betul Bridge, Quitol, Goa.

12. Netravali Bubbling Lake

Netravali Bubbling Lake

The Netravali Lake is famous among the locals as Budbudyachi Tali (in Konkani). It is known for its bubbles that continuously rise to the surface in different places in the lake. Apparently, it has been noticed that the bubbles here rise faster if you clap and also have the ability to respond to sounds!

Even though it is called a lake, it is more like a pond holding religious significance to the locals of the Netravali village. It’s one of those hidden places in Goa which allows you to experience the scenic surroundings and greenery as much as the fascinating ripples.

Notable Attraction: The bubbles are the USP of the lake, along with plenty of fish you’ll discover swimming their way. 

How To Reach Here: The Netravali Bubbling Lake is located in Sanguem, South Goa, which is about 50 km from Margao and 80 km from the capital city, Panaji. 

Location: Netravali, Vichundrem, Goa.

13. Heart Lake, Chicolna

Heart Lake Chicolna

The Heart Lake in Chicolna near Bogmalo Beach urges you to have a cool dip in its absolutely blue waters. However, you would have to struggle a little to meet this gift of nature. The trek to the heart-shaped lake is a bit rocky, and therefore, it is advisable to wear sports shoes with a good grip. 

You can then climb the hilltop to get a panoramic view of the glistening coastal area up to Vasco in the north and Majorda in the south. You’ll also get glimpses of chirpy birds and monkeys here. 

Notable Attraction: The water is very glassy and thus lets you spy on fishes swimming inside the lake’s mirror-like surface. 

How To Reach Here: Drive till the end of the road that goes beyond the turnoff to Bogmalo Beach and then trek on the rocky terrain. The distance from Margao is about 29 km via NH566.

Location: Chicolna, Goa.

14. Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Sweet Water Lake

The Arambol Sweet Water Lake is a fresh-water lagoon with a spiritual atmosphere, great for tourists who practice meditation. There’s a giant banyan tree near the lake, wherein you can find a place to meditate and hunt for inner peace. Originating from natural hot springs, the Sweet Water Lake is undoubtedly one of the most unnoticed, hidden places in Goa within the jungles of the state. You would have to ask for directions from the locals as it has a slightly trickier footpath.

Notable Attraction: The lake is well-known for its mythical healing clay, which is said to have magical healing properties.

How To Reach Here: Take a short walk from Arambol Beach to Kalacha Beach, and the Sweet Water Lake would be easy to find with the help of the locals. 

Location: Arambol, Paliyem, Goa.

15. Vagator Delta View

Vagator Delta View (Hidden Places in Goa)

At Vagator Delta View, you’re bound to spend hours enjoying the captivating views of the sea and mountains. It’s one of the unexplored hidden places in Goa, as this viewpoint is hidden a little ahead of the Chapora Fort. You would need to climb down the mountain to get mesmerised and enjoy the sea breeze with clean surroundings. You get flawless views of Morjim Beach, Vagator Beach and Chapora River into the Arabian Sea. It’s all about the ‘Just Sit Down and Relax’ vibes.

Notable Attraction: Perfect tourist spot for photography enthusiasts to capture the intricacies of nature. 

How To Reach Here: A mini-trekking to the hilltop from the Chapora Fort will land you at this picturesque destination.

Location: Chapora, Goa.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are the best hidden places in North Goa?

The best hidden places in North Goa include Arvalem Caves, Harvalem Waterfalls, Sinquerim Fort, Vagator Delta View, Ozran Beach, Arambol Sweet Water Lake and Twin Waterfall.

Which are the best hidden places in South Goa?

The best hidden places in South Goa include Mist Waterfall, Betul Lighthouse, Heart-shaped Lake, Netravali Bubbling Lake, Trinity Beach, Butterfly Beach, Tortoise Rock, Devil’s Canyon and Mollem Biodiversity Park. 

Which are the best unexplored places in Goa?

The best unexplored places in Goa include the Twin Waterfall, Arvalem Caves, Mollem Biodiversity Park, Trinity Beach, Butterfly Beach, Betul Lighthouse and Arambol Sweet Water Lake. 

Which are the best unexplored beaches in Goa?

The best unexplored beaches in Goa include Ozran Beach, Butterfly Beach, Trinity Beach, Betul Beach and Arambol Beach.

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