Best Beaches in North Goa (Ozran Beach)

Ozran Beach Goa: Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Coastal Beauty

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Hidden along the picturesque coastline of Goa lies a true gem; with its pristine sands, emerald waters, and a sense of unspoiled natural beauty, Ozran Beach stands as a testament to Goa’s untouched charm. This blog invites you to embark on a virtual journey to explore the captivating appeal and serene ambience of Ozran Beach. Whether you’re a wanderer seeking comfort, a nature enthusiast captivated by the coastal beauty, or a traveller in pursuit of peaceful moments, Ozran Beach promises a slice of Goan paradise that’s waiting to be discovered.

Ozran Beach Goa Overview 

Ozran Beach Goa

Nestled just beyond Anjuna Beach and near Vagator Beach, you’ll find the charming Ozran Beach. This petite yet stunning beach is tucked away behind the hills that house the Chapora Fort. Travellers must ascend a small hill to reach this hidden gem, but the breathtaking surroundings make it a must-visit spot in Goa.

Ozran Beach, an extension of Vagator Beach, is a favourite among foreign tourists due to its picturesque setting. The beach is rocky, particularly at its left and right extremes, and less crowded than Vagator Beach. It’s also a popular spot for locals, with many Goans spending their day at Ozran Beach with family and friends.

The rocky landscape of Ozran Beach’s shoreline offers an exciting opportunity for adventure biking enthusiasts. The beach is renowned for its captivating sunset views in Goa, drawing visitors who wish to bask in its beauty from the sundeck areas. It’s time for you to experience the tranquillity of Ozran Beach firsthand.

One of the unique features of this beach is a large human face carved into a rock on the northern side. This sculpture was created by a tourist visiting Goa and has since become an attraction that enhances the beauty of the beach. Some even refer to it as the Shiva face.

Ozran Beach Goa Address

The address of Ozran Beach in Goa is Ozran Beach, Ozran Beach Road, Vagator, North Goa, India, Pincode: 403509.

How To Reach Ozran Beach Goa? (Ozran Beach Directions) 

Ozran Beach in Goa is a serene spot that has won the hearts of many tourists, making it a popular choice. Its ease of access is one of its many appealing features. Regardless of your preferred mode of transportation, reaching Ozran Beach is simple and convenient.

From Panaji 

By Bus: You can take a bus service from Panjim to Mapusa village. Then you can take a bus from Mapusa to Vagator. Ozran Beach is an extension of Vagator Beach. After reaching Vagator, you can take a short climb down to the left to get to Ozran Beach. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Vagator Beach and walk or hire an auto-rickshaw to reach Ozran Beach. 

By Taxi: Hiring a taxi or booking a cab through GoaMiles might be more convenient if you travel with heavy luggage or children. The drive from Panjim to Ozran Beach takes about 50 minutes.

By Rental Car: You can get a rental car at Panjim. The distance from Panaji to Ozran Beach is approximately 21 km. The journey typically takes around 50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Car Directions:

  • Take DB Marg to Rua de Ourém in Mala.
  • Drive from NH 66 to Guirim. Exit from NH 66.
  • Continue to Parra.
  • Take Mapusa – Anjuna – Chapora Rd to Ozran Beach Rd in Vagator.
  • Continue on Ozran Beach Rd to your destination.

From Manohar International Airport, North Goa

Taxi or Cab: You can hire a GoaMiles taxi or cab from the airport to reach Ozran Beach directly. The taxi fare may vary depending on the season and the time of the day, but it usually ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200.

Airport Bus Shuttle Services: You can use airport bus shuttle services that drop you at the nearest bus stand.

When is the best time to visit Ozran Beach, Goa? 

Ozran Beach Goa

The best time to visit Ozran Beach in Goa is October to February. The weather is pleasant and cool during this time, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C. The sky is clear, and the sea is calm, making it ideal for activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and photography.

This period is considered the peak tourist season in Goa, including Ozran Beach. The temperature hovers around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for water sports.

Moreover, during these months, you will find shacks, restaurants, flea markets, water sports operators and accommodations fully operational. This season also sees the hosting of different fests, live music events, and entertainment shows becoming quite frequent.

Nightlife In Ozran Beach

Nightlife In Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach is known for its relaxed atmosphere and lively nightlife places in Goa. The beach is home to several beach shacks, bars, and clubs that offer various music and entertainment options to suit all tastes.

Here are some of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Ozran Beach:

Hilltop: Hilltop is a popular restaurant and bar that is located on a clifftop overlooking the beach. The bar offers stunning sunset views and various music and entertainment options.

Titlie Culinary Bar: This spot is commendable, with a prime location that provides a breathtaking sea view. The live music enhances the already wonderful atmosphere, making it a unique feature of this place. 

9Bar Goa: 9Bar is a popular nightclub and bar that is known for its lively atmosphere and delicious cocktails. The club hosts regular DJ sets and live music performances, and it is a great place to dance the night away.

Antares Beach Club: Antares is one of the popular party places in Goa and a luxurious beach club that offers a variety of dining and entertainment options, including a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool. The club hosts regular live music and DJ events, making it a popular partygoer spot.

Boom Shankar: Boom Shankar is a laid-back bar popular with locals and tourists alike. The bar offers various drinks, including cocktails, beers, and spirits. It is also a great place to catch a live music performance or watch a sporting event on TV.

Watersports in Ozran Beach

Watersports in Ozran Beach

The beach is a quite popular destination for watersports activities in Goa. Multiple operators offer watersports in Ozran Beach, and prices vary depending on the activity and the ride duration.

Water Scooter Rides: Ozran Beach is known for its thrilling water scooter rides, a favourite among solo travellers. Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed up to 35 MPH on the water. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner; a guide will accompany you and handle the scooter.

Banana Boat Rides: Experience the thrill of Banana Boat Rides with your loved ones. You’ll be seated on an elongated, banana-shaped inflatable tube tethered to a speedboat. As the boat zips through the water, taking sharp turns, hold on tight for a thrilling ride!

Fishing: Whether you’re an avid fisher or trying it out for the first time, head to the beach centre for some fishing. Many operators offer boats equipped with beer and frying gear, allowing you to catch and fry fresh fish on the spot, truly capturing the essence of Goa.

Shopping Near Ozran Beach

Shopping Near Ozran Beach

The beach is also home to a number of vibrant shopping places where visitors can find a variety of goods, including souvenirs, clothing, and jewellery.

The Goa Collective Bazar: One of the most popular shopping destinations near Ozran Beach is The Goa Collective Bazar. This flea market is held every Wednesday from 11 am to 6 pm and features various vendors selling everything from handmade crafts to vintage clothing to delicious food. The Goa Collective Bazar is a great place to find unique and affordable souvenirs, and it is also a great place to experience the local culture.

Renuka’s Beach Fashion: This shop sells women’s clothing, including dresses, skirts, and tops. Renuka’s Beach Fashion is a great place to find stylish and affordable clothing for your beach vacation. There’s no need for bargaining as the rates are fair for the location, and the selection of fashion items is quite impressive.

IQRA General Store: This one-stop shop provides top-notch products and customer-centric services. It’s a commendable establishment that caters to all your needs under one roof. Kudos to the proprietor for delivering such an essential and comprehensive service.

Places To Visit Near Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach

Chapora Fort: Overlooking the Chapora River in Bardez, Chapora Fort was built by the Muslim leader Adil Shah. Its breathtaking surroundings and adventurous terrain have made it a top tourist spot in Goa.

Chapors Beach: Chapora Beach is a treasure that enchants visitors with its expansive white sands, dramatic black lava rocks, deep blue waters, and rustling palm trees. This beach serves as a sanctuary for those who find comfort in the rhythm of the waves and the warmth of the sand.

Vagator Delta View: Descend the mountain to be surrounded by the mesmerising sea breeze and untouched environment. This spot is a paradise for photography lovers, offering countless chances to capture the stunning beauty of nature. A short trek from Chapora Fort to the hilltop will bring you to this visually captivating location.

St. Alex’s Church: Nestled in the heart of Goa, in the bustling tourist hub of Calangute, stands St. Alex’s Church. This pristine white edifice is unique among Goan churches for its Indian-style architecture, including the distinctive ‘cupola falsa’.

Our Lady of Piety: Located in the quaint village of Piedade on Divar Island, Goa, the chapel of Our Lady of Piety sits majestically atop a hill. The panoramic views from its summit are breathtaking. This chapel has a captivating history and shares a profound connection with the history of the land it graces.

Best Hotels Near Ozran Beach

Best Hotels Near Ozran Beach

1. Alcove Resort 

The Alcove Resort offers air-conditioned rooms with a comfortable seating area and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. A safety deposit box is available for your safety and convenience, and the private bathroom is equipped with a shower, complimentary toiletries, and a hairdryer. Some rooms at the Alcove Resort Vagator offer sea views, and each room features its own balcony.

2. Stone Wood Beach Resort 

Situated in Vagator, a stone’s throw from Ozran Beach, the Stone Wood Beach Resort offers beachfront accommodations with various amenities, including a restaurant. This 4-star resort features an outdoor swimming pool and air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms and complimentary WiFi. The resort offers room service and a 24-hour front desk for guests’ convenience.

3. Casa

The Casa’s rooms have a satellite TV, desk, and wardrobe, creating a cosy seating area. Each room has an attached bathroom with shower facilities. The resort provides various services for guests, including a travel desk and newspapers at the front desk. Laundry and room services are also available for guests’ convenience. After dinner, guests can relax with a drink at the bar.

4. Zulu Land Cottages 

The Zulu Land Cottages offer facilities such as room service, a 24-hour front desk, and complimentary WiFi throughout the property. A bar is also available for guests’ enjoyment. The resort’s rooms feature balconies with tranquil garden views. All rooms are air-conditioned for guests’ comfort and are equipped with a safety deposit box and a flat-screen TV.

Best Restaurants Near Ozran Beach

Best Restaurants Near Ozran Beach

1. Ivoryy – by the cliff

This place is one of the best dining establishments in Goa, teeming with energy and offering a vibrant space for dancing and partying. It’s a place that will capture your heart. The quality of the drinks is exceptional, and the food is enticing. During the monsoon season, a visit offers the perfect blend of sea views, lush greenery, and refreshing rain. It’s a must-visit destination. 

2. Rico on the beach

Situated right beside the ocean, this place offers a stunning backdrop that sets the mood for a peaceful dining experience. The staff is exceptionally friendly and attentive, ensuring all your needs are met. The menu has a range of delectable dishes, each bursting with incredible flavours. Everything is of the highest quality, from the day’s fresh catch to the delightful cocktails. 

3. Olive Bar & Kitchen 

More than just a restaurant, Olive Goa is a voyage into a world of culinary pleasure. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply savouring the rich tastes of Mediterranean cuisine, Olive never disappoints. It’s the kind of place that beckons you back time and time again. Olive Goa is a sanctuary of Mediterranean charm, offering a captivating environment and unmatched service.

4. Koox – Rooftop Asian Grill 

Goa is becoming a hub for renowned food and beverage brands, and one of the newest entrants is Koox, originally from Chennai. Situated near the scenic Vagator Beach, Koox is nestled in a beautiful setting with an extraordinary ambience and unique concept. The beverage team, as enthusiastic as their Chennai colleagues, is one of the highlights.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Ozran Beach, often referred to as Little Vagator, is a hidden gem in Goa that showcases a distinct charm. This secluded beach is nestled between rocky cliffs and offers a serene escape from the bustling crowds. Its golden sands, azure waters, and peaceful ambience make it an ideal spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. The beach’s intimate atmosphere, vibrant beachfront shacks, and breathtaking sunset views create a magical experience. For travellers seeking a peaceful and picturesque retreat, Ozran Beach is a serene sanctuary waiting to be explored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ozran Beach good?

Ozran Beach, also known as Little Vagator Beach, is a beautiful and relatively quieter beach in North Goa. It’s a good choice for those seeking a serene, less crowded beach experience. The stunning views and relaxed ambience make it appealing, especially for travellers looking to unwind.

Where is Ozran Beach?

Ozran Beach, also known as Little Vagator Beach, is located in North Goa, India. It is situated in the northern part of the state, near the more famous Vagator Beach. Ozran Beach is known for its tranquillity and is easily accessible from popular tourist areas in North Goa.

Is Ozran Beach crowded?

Ozran Beach, also known as Little Vagator Beach, is relatively less crowded compared to some of the more popular beaches in North Goa. Its serene and peaceful ambience makes it a preferred choice for visitors seeking a quieter, more peaceful beach experience.

Why is Ozran Beach famous?

Ozran Beach, also known as Little Vagator Beach, is famous for its picturesque and serene setting. It offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea. It is known for its relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, making it a favoured destination for travellers seeking a quieter and more peaceful beach experience.

Is Ozran Beach good for swimming?

Ozran Beach is generally safe for swimming, especially during the calmer months (November to February) when the sea is less turbulent. However, it’s essential to exercise caution, be aware of local conditions, and adhere to any safety warnings or flags indicating safe swimming areas, as sea conditions can vary.

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