Best sunset points in Goa

10 Best Sunset Points in Goa (Changing Palette at Horizon)

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Goa’s pristine beaches have made a home in everybody’s heart. Imagine the sudden change in the weather wind has become warm. The colours at the horizon are playing hide and seek, initially blue, now it’s orange, and in a blink, it becomes red. The dramatic sunset urges you to sit immersed in its beauty. Goa is home to over thirty-five beaches; every beach turns into a magical place at twilight. Not only beaches but the forts, cafes and restaurants are among the outstanding sunset points in Goa. Whether you enjoy it with your partner, friends or alone, the sight is unforgetful.

What is the best time to view the sunset in Goa?

Goa’s favourite season is from October to January, which marks winter in the country. Joy lies in the little things, and witnessing a marvellous sunset is one among them. The best time to witness the colourful horizon is between 6 to 6:10 pm. Get your cameras ready for the perfect shot.

Best Sunset Points in Goa

1. Cado De Rama Beach

Cado De Rama Beach (Best Sunset Points in Goa)

According to the mythological story, Rama and Sita lived near Cabo De Rama. And hence the place was named after Rama. The beach is among the most surreal beaches in the world. The tall coconut trees surrounding the beach are a perfect place to spend some quality time or for a picnic. Imagine a winter evening or an evening after the monsoon; the shades of green appear all around. On these shades fall the rays of the setting sun, which also creates a replica of crystal-clear water. Why should this place not be included in the best sunset point in south Goa?

Notable Attraction

Entitled with Goa’s most significant fort title, Cabo de Rama Fort is still far from the tourist’s reach. The surprising element here is the bridge which withstood the test of time. Having substantial historical importance, the bridge is over 300 years old. 

Location: Canacona, Goa

2. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach (Sunset Points in Goa)

Tourists know Candolim Beach as the home of the Sunburn Festival, but only a few experience the beach as one of the best sunset points in Goa. Being one of the best beaches in North Goa, people can witness a serene sunset. Before enjoying the cinematic sunset, people can experience several watersports activities. The hotels and homestays around the beach offer luxury and tranquillity. There are numerous shacks with delectable seafood. Since the place is less crowded, one can immerse in the Goan culture for a unique touch on the trip.

Notable Attraction

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine using natural products, and Candolim is the place for this. There are plenty of small ‘clinics’ here, and almost everyone enjoys the refreshing and relaxing activity.

Location: Candolim, Goa

3. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach (Sunset Points in Goa)

Palolem Beach has been proudly placed in the list of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. This beach is located on the west coast and is perfect for nature lovers and photographers. The crescent-shaped beach is one of the best beaches in Goa for couples adorned with palm grooves, making it a sight to behold. As the sun lazily goes down to meet the sea, the changing rays from yellow to orange to red make the white sand shine beneath, as if someday it has thrown the pearls all over. After the sunset, people can enjoy the silent disco in the clubs near the beach.

Notable Attraction

Butterfly Beach, which is now a not-so-hidden beach near Palolem Beach, is the most enjoyed place. It is the finest place for nature and adventure buffs. A small trek from Palolem takes tourists to picturesque views of the Arabian Sea.

Location: Canacona, Goa

4. Thalassa Restaurant

Thalassa Restaurant

People knowing Goa are aware of how legendary Thalassa restaurant is. This Greek restaurant features one of the best sunset points in Goa, along with Greek food and cocktails. At the horizon, as the sun meets the sea, the ambience sparks and becomes magnetic. You can enjoy Greek dances like Zorba and Sirtaki, music, live fire shows, and mouth-watering food. Small Greek chicken pizzas, Mediterranean prawns, king prawns in garlic sauce, platters, steamed mussels in ouzo sauce, flaming saganaki, pork gyros and souvlakis (both beef and vegetarian) are some must-try. Don’t forget to book your table early.

Notable Attraction

The Thalassa restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Goa and also offers accommodation. The rooms and huts are simple, but the service given is top-notch. Your day starts with the luxurious Thalassa breakfast and a magnificent view of the glistening Arabian Sea.

Location: Siolim, Goa

5. Pousada By The Beach

Pousada By The Beach

The strategically hidden Pousada by the beach is a rustic beachfront eatery. The place is at Calangute’s most dynamic beach, yet it has no music system. One can relax here and unwind with the perfect music of waves. The cafe offers delicious food with Goan flavours with the added highlight of two dogs, biscuits and chai. The stretch of the place is clean and calm, attracting many tourists. The sunset here is magical, making Pousada of the best sunset points in Goa. Sit with your feet in the sand with Pina Colada in hand and enjoy the sun, meeting the beloved sea.

Notable Attraction

St. Alex’s Church has an ideal pairing of Eastern and Western architecture. Built-in the 16th century, the church has a magnificent dome, two towers and seven beautiful altars. If you are an art enthusiast, this place is perfect for you.

Location: Calangute, Goa

6. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach Sunset

Anjuna Beach, formerly known as the freak capital of the world, is famous among the young generation for nightlife. As the sun goes down and the wind becomes warm, the calm waters of the Arabian Sea lap softly on the Indian shore. Tourists enjoy the beach as one of the most stunning sunset points in Goa. One can laze on the shacks with loud music or shop variety in the Wednesday Flea Market. Enjoy the solitude amidst the crowd.

Notable Attraction

Anjuna Beach is famous for various things, but its trance parties attract many tourists worldwide. Shiva Valley is one of the best party places in Goa, which has become synonymous with the psychedelic gigs scene at the beach.

Location: Anjuna, Goa

7. Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach Sunset

Sinquerim Beach is known for its adventure watersports activities. The sunset here is the cherry on the cake for couples on their honeymoon. After your day’s excursion and watersports on the beach, witness how the place becomes romantically blazed as the sea impatiently waits for the sun. This less crowded beach has a spectacular stretch of sand and is perfect as a backdrop for photographers. The orange and red sky dramatically yells, “Love is in the air.” 

Notable Attraction

From luxurious boutiques to roadside shops, Sinquerim Beach is a favourite place for shopping the Goan-style clothes among tourists. One can also spot the crowd wearing the purchased t-shirts to match the vibe.

Location: Candolim, Goa

8. Vagator Hill

Vagator Hill Sunset

After exploring the historical Chapora fort, walk further down and reach the best sunset point in north Goa. Vagator Hill viewpoint offers a scenic view from the top and is one of the offbeat places in Goa. You need to walk a little, but once atop, a cool breeze passing through your hair and a peaceful view of the sun sleeping in the arms of the sea make it all worth it. On your way to Chapora Fort, many small stalls sell souvenirs.

Notable Attraction

Vagator is famous for its natural beauty, but there is more to the place. For adventure seekers, jet skiing, parasailing, banana rides, speed boating and much more are some thrilling activities that can be enjoyed at the beach.

Location: Vagator, Goa

9. Chapora Fort 

Chapora Fort (Best Sunset Points in Goa)

Talking about friendship and the future while sitting on the wall of Chapora Fort, also famous as Dil Chahta Hai Fort, you suddenly realise the change in colour of the horizon. It’s sunset time, and the colour palette is changing from blue to orange to red and other colours. The warmth in the air and the setting sun tell you the endings are beautiful. You forget what you were talking about and get emersed in the view of the sea and the sunset. Ah! What a beholding moment.

Notable Attraction

While climbing the Chapora Fort, you can find many small shops selling souvenirs to take back as memories. There are no significant structures up there, but the fort holds a prominent history, and who can forget about the iconic movie, ‘Dil Chahta Hai.’

Location: Vagator, Goa

10. Aguada Fort Lighthouse

Aguada Fort Lighthouse Sunset

Aguada Fort lighthouse offers a spellbinding view of the Arabian Sea; now imagine the panoramic view of the sunset from the fort’s walls. The strategically built lighthouse is the oldest and one-of-a-kind in Asia. You can either sit with your loved one and enjoy the view or show your photography skills of the reflection of the sunset in the sea. The sunset points in Goa are mesmerising and a beautiful experience.

Notable Attraction

Adding to the legendary history of the Aguada Fort, the lighthouse and the jail stand as testimony to many wars between various dynasties. Though closed to tourists, the lighthouse architecture is one of a kind in Asia.

Location: Candolim, Goa

Frequently Asked Questions

Which beach is best for sunrise in Goa?

Covered in sheets of golden sand, Hollant Beach is best to witness the sunrise. The first ray of the sun falling on the crystal clear water of the beach nestling in the foothills of Western Ghats gives a spellbinding experience early morning. The golden hour becomes immensely refreshing. 

Which is the best sunset point in South Goa?

South Goa is known for its scenic views; one such place is Cabo de Rama. The cliff features a magnificent view of the sea and the sun desperately wanting to fall in the arms of the beloved sea. This picturesque place will surely make your heart skip a beat. Don’t miss the restaurants around serving phenomenal food.

Which is the best sunset point in North Goa?

After tiring sightseeing in Goa for the whole day, visit Chapora Fort for the best sunset. The setting sun reminds us that every beautiful thing comes to an end and therefore live in the moment as much as you can. The soothing breeze takes away all your weariness and recharges you for the vibrant night parties happening around.

What is the best time to view the sunrise in Goa?

Winters are the best season to explore Goa at its best. Among the endless beautiful beaches of Goa, Hollant Beach is the best place to catch the sunrise. And the best time to welcome a new day is between 6:45 – 6:50 am. Reach half an hour before to set your cameras and capture the blue hour, which is 20-30 minutes before sunrise.

Which beach is best for sunset in South Goa?

Undoubtedly, Palolem Beach is the best beach to witness a sunset in South Goa. As the sun moves towards the horizon, creating the multicolour hues of yellow, red and orange falling onto everything around, a melody can be enjoyed created by the rising waves of the sea crashing on the shores. The clean, sparkling water creating a replica of the sun adds to the sight.

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