Best Waterfalls in Goa

15 Best Waterfalls in Goa (From Famous to Hidden)

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Goa, a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India, has some off-beaten tracks like a worn-out page of an old history book. The experience of adventuring and enjoying the lagoon of waterfalls in Goa is beyond writing in words. There are some for whom Goa is still a flight of fancy, but those who make it are busy exploring beaches and booze. But, a few wander in search of hidden places, and for them are the best waterfalls in Goa listed in this article. 

Best Waterfalls in Goa – A Refreshing Escape

1. Harvalem Waterfall – The Weekend Getaway

Harvalem Waterfalls

Cascading from a height of 70 meters, Harvalem Waterfall creates an awe-struck beauty attracting tourists and locals. The waterfall flows noisily through rocky and verdant terrain during the monsoon. You can sit here soaking yourself in nature for hours. The place also houses rock-cut caves dating back to the fifth century. The waterfall is a complete package of entertainment, nature photography, and a mild trek; hence it does not fail to ease your soul. 

Distance from Panaji: 32 km

Height: 15-18 metres

Notable Attraction: Harvalem is a picturesque waterfall with a multi-level viewing area to enhance your experience and a perfect weekend getaway place.

Location: Rudreshwar Colony, Sanquelim, Goa

2. Tambadi Surla Waterfall – Beauty Veiled in the Jungle

Tambadi Surla Waterfall

Music of birds chirping and butterflies flitting follows you as you trek for the Tambadi Surla Waterfalls. Less famous, this untouched beauty nestles in the Bhagwan Mahavir National Park. The place acquired its name from the 13th-century Tambadi Surla Temple, enriched with historic folklore. The 90 minutes moderately difficult trek takes you through dense forest and meandering streams. This off-beaten track amidst the greenery is one of the best waterfalls in Goa in monsoon.

Distance from Panaji: 69 km

Height: 165 metres

Notable Attraction: Tambadi Surla Waterfall is a hidden gem of Goa covered in a blanket of green with an ancient temple with magnificent architecture and history. 

Location: Surla, Goa 403406

3. Charavane Waterfalls – Unexplored Gem

Are you bored of overcrowded beaches? If yes, then Charavane Waterfall on the Goa – Karnataka border is your perfect escape. For its mesmerising beauty and tranquillity, this place is at the top of the list of waterfalls in Goa. The 1.5 km trek will transport you to another world where the crowd is of species of flora, and noise is the melody of water gushing down. After a long adventurous trek, the unmatchable beauty relaxes you, and the cool breeze through your hair calms your mind with a mild smile of accomplishment. 

Distance from Panaji: 57 km

Notable Attraction: Charavane Waterfall is a hidden gem with a beautiful trek, making it a perfect outing place with friends. Also, you can sit in the pond for hours and spend your time in leisure.

Location: Choraundem, Goa

4. Dudhsagar Waterfalls – Most Popular One

Dudhsagar Waterfalls (Best Waterfalls in Goa)

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, literally translating to ‘Sea of Milk,’ is the tallest waterfall in India inside the Mollem National Park. The Mandovi River, originating from Deccan Plateau, twists and turns through Western Ghat to finally form the glorious falls. The four-tiered waterfall trek attracts numerous adventure and nature enthusiasts, and the forest houses a plethora of wildlife. Adorning the waterfall as the best waterfalls in Goa title, this nature’s gift is exceptional.

Distance from Panaji: 73 km

Height: 300 metres

Notable Attraction: The most popular Dudhsagar Waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Goa with family and is known for its moderate trek. Monsoon brings out the full glory of the falls with the most dramatic views.

Location: Sonaulim, Goa

5. Twin Waterfall – Refreshing Escape

Twin Waterfall - Refreshing Escape

Twin Waterfall attracts tourists because of its name. These adjacent falls create a mesmerising view, with water gushing onto the rocks before falling down. You can play in the pond or stroll around, capturing the views and memories. Pack your picnic bags because the place is a perfect weekend getaway in Goa to flee from the bustling city into nature’s arms. To get the best out of it, visit Twin Waterfall during the monsoon. 

Distance from Panaji: 39 km

Notable Attraction: Twin waterfall during monsoon is a perfect weekend destination with family and friends. The place has a beauty to behold and capture in memories.

Location: Shirshirem, Borim, Goa

6. Netravali Waterfalls – Cascading Shimmer

Snuggling peacefully between Netravali and Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Netravali Waterfall is an unexplored gem. The 1 km hike guides you to one of the majestic waterfalls in Goa. The waterfall sharply cuts its way through the dense forest and empties itself into the river below. Locally famous as Savari Falls, the place never fails to offer you a memorable time. Netravali Waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Goa with friends to relax in the plunge pool and immerse in the never-ending greenery and peace. 

Distance from Panaji: 82 km

Height: 30 – 50 metres

Notable Attraction: Netravali Waterfall cuddles in Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. Along with the greenery, you can enjoy spotting species of flora and fauna around.

Stay Options Near This Waterfalls: 1) The Postcard Hideaway 2) Mangaal Farmstay

Location: Neturlim, Goa

7. Bamanbudo Waterfalls – Paradisical Marvel

With the backdrop of composed Ambe ghat, Bamanbudo Waterfalls is a delight to the eyes and soul. The waterfalls towards the end feel like a water slide due to the low depth. You can spend hours playing in the milky stream, bathing in water, or calmly sit on the rock and admire the beauty. The waterfall is unknown to the crowd but loved by the known. The place is no less than a paradise for photographers. 

Distance from Panaji: 88 km

Notable Attraction: The serene beauty and illusion of water slides are the characteristics of Bamanbudo Waterfalls. The place is perfect for spending time with your loved ones.

Stay Options Near This Waterfalls: 1) The Postcard Hideaway 2) Mangaal Farmstay

Location: Gaodongrem, Goa

8. Amboli Waterfalls – Pristine Views

Amboli Waterfalls - Pristine Views

Engulfed by the carpeted hills of Amboli Ghat, Amboli Waterfall is the most scenic, largest and best waterfall in Goa. Snuggling on the border of Maharashtra and Goa, the falls are a famous tourist place among friends, couples and families. Amboli waterfall is an eco spot since unique species of flora and fauna can be spotted in the vicinity. The waterfall adds to the mesmerising beauty of Sahyadri hills, and people relish the beauty throughout the year.

Distance from Panaji: 79 km

Height: 690 metres

Notable Attraction: Amboli waterfall comforts tourists throughout the year and houses unique species of flora and fauna. The breathtaking view adds to the charm of Amboli Ghat.

Location: Parpoli, Near Goa – Maharashtra Border

9. Kuske Waterfall – Monsoon Retreat

Kuske Waterfall - Monsoon Retreat
TonyMGoa, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The onset of the monsoon brings along the refreshing and scenic Kuske Waterfalls. It resides inside the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, which is Goa’s second-largest wildlife sanctuary. The clear milky water gushing down the lofty hills sparkles and rejuvenates the soul. The dense forest around the waterfall adds to the grandeur of the place. The breathtaking joy attracts nature and adventure buffs along with families. Without any second thoughts, you can add this to your Goa-Bucket-List.

Distance from Panaji: 93 km

Height: 30 metres

Notable Attraction: The milky water of Kuske Waterfall attracts locals and non-natives. The waterfall glows fully only during monsoon and can be relished with friends and family. 

Stay Options Near This Waterfalls: 1) The Postcard Hideaway 2) Mangaal Farmstay

Location: Khotigao, Goa

10. Shivling Waterfall Pali Sattari – Trekker’s Paradise

One of the untouched waterfalls in Goa, Shivling Waterfall, acquires its name from the water creating the shape of shiv linga after falling on the rock. The moderate trek of 1-1.5 hours satisfies the adventure craving of trekkers. During the hike, one can admire the verdant forest with small streams around and species of colourful butterflies. The hike slightly bends toward the ‘difficult’ category since there are steep climbs and slippery terrain. 

Distance from Panaji: 53 km

Notable Attraction: Shivling Waterfall has an adventurous climb to satisfy the souls of trekkers and spectacular scenic views near the waterfall for nature lovers.  

Stay Options Near This Waterfalls: 1) Mercure Goa Devaaya Resort 2) Seclude Falling Cashews

Location: Pale, Goa

11. Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall – Medicinal Gem

Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall is far more than usual waterfalls. Apart from the stunning beauty, the waterfall incorporates medicinal power. People believe that the healing elements refresh your body and are beneficial for the skin and eyes that come from the Zuari River. The name Kesarval locally translates to ‘eagles,’ who built their nests around. Why not include Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall in the list of best waterfalls in Goa?

Distance from Panaji: 22 km

Height: 50 – 70 metres

Notable Attraction: Take a dip in the Kesarval Spring Verna Waterfall, which has healing power. The water minerals are beneficial for the skin and refresh the body.

Location: Quelossim, Goa

12. Mist Waterfall – Quite Hidden

Mist Waterfall

The unexplored and unspoilt are ideal words to describe Mist Waterfall. Hiding in the dense forest of Verna, this place remains unknown to tourists. The short walk through the forest will take you close to nature, and you can spot various species of birds and butterflies. Visit this place with friends and family as this small place gives unlimited fun. 

Distance from Panaji: 26 km

Notable Attraction: Mist Waterfall is a perfect place to immerse in nature and spend some ‘me’ time with the gentle melody of flowing water.

Stay Options Near This Waterfalls: 1) The Postcard Cuelim 2) Resort Palmeiras Dourado

Location: Verna Loutolim Rd, Verna, Goa

13. Udear Springs Waterfall – The Offbeat Destination

Udear Springs Waterfall is in the forest of Verna. The place has an easy trail with hardly any walking for everyone to relish the waterfall. Relax on one of the rocks, and put your feet into the water to enjoy a natural pedicure as the tiny red Garra fish nibble on your feet. Adding to the enjoyment, the spring water is shallow so that you can have a good splash. 

Distance from Panaji: 26 km

Notable Attraction: Udear Springs Waterfall is a hidden gem of Goa. You can enjoy a natural pedicure as fishes nibble on your feet while you admire nature.

Location: Verna, Goa

14. Sulsulo Waterfalls – Until It Rains

Sulsulo Waterfalls quietly snuggles in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. This is the best waterfall in Goa for adventure seekers, as hiking is quite an experience. Through the dense forest, you can witness various species in their natural habit; Sulsulolo Waterfall is a must-visit. You must be very careful while hiking because the rocks here are slippery. If the waterfall is on your list, make sure you visit it during the monsoon to enjoy the fullest. 

Distance from Panaji: 53 km

Notable Attraction: Sulsulo Waterfalls is yet to be discovered by tourists. Hiking is a must in this place, and the monsoon brings out its full glory.  

Stay Options Near This Waterfalls: 1) Mercure Goa Devaaya Resort 2) Seclude Falling Cashews

Location: Xelopo-Buzruco, Goa

15. Satrem Waterfall – Cascading Majesty

Satrem Waterfall is another gem of the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. This is one of the toughest waterfalls in Goa to reach. As we have heard in the Bollywood movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani,’ the journey is more beautiful than the destination. But it might not work here because our destination has exceptional beauty. The two-hour treacherous trek will lead you to the majestic waterfall with picturesque background and a feeling of achievement.

Distance from Panaji: 60 km

Notable Attraction: Satrem Waterfall is a not-so-visited waterfall because of its hiking path. Upon reaching, you will be awe-struck by the beauty and tranquillity the place provides. 

Location: Satorem, Goa

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best waterfalls in North Goa?

North Goa has a number of waterfalls with scenic beauty to admire. However, the best waterfalls found in North Goa are:
1. Amboli Waterfall
2. Netravali Waterfall
3. Harvalem Waterfall
5. Tambadi Surla Waterfall

Which are the best waterfalls in South Goa?

Waterfalls in the southern part of Goa transport you into a completely different world. The best waterfalls in South Goa are: 
1. Kuske Waterfall
2. Charavane Waterfall
3. Dudhsagar Waterfall
4. Bamanbudo Waterfall

What are the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa?

Every waterfall in Goa offers a unique experience. However, waterfalls made to the list of most beautiful waterfalls are:
1. Netravali Waterfall
2. Harvalem Waterfall
3. Dudhsagar Waterfall
4. Tambadi Surla Waterfall

Which is the biggest waterfall in Goa?

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, literally translating to ‘Sea of Milk,’ is the biggest waterfall in Goa inside the Mollem National Park. The four-tiered waterfall trek attracts numerous adventure and nature enthusiasts, and the forest houses a plethora of wildlife. 

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